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I had a dream that my dad died and my brother and I were mourning. We ended up fighting, blaming each other over the death. My brother and I never fight. I couldn't stop crying, and I hated him for hating me. I felt guilty as fuck for my dad.

Then, i dreamt i was at a party with all my friends, and one of my best friend's girlfriends was giving me head. He knew. he even gave her pointers before she entered the room and jumped me. I felt raped and guilty. and weak, for her being able to get to me.

then i dreamt i was at a brothel. the girl i have a crush on was there as a concubine. They treated me like an insignificant piece of shit while they toyed with me, and i felt used, worthless, and pathetic. they made me feel like the worst lover anyone's ever had.

i think my subconscious is telling me a) you need to spend more time with your dad, b) you feel guilty for all of that, c) you need to get laid, and d) you're uncomfortable with sex.

none of them were BAD dreams, per se, they were just... awkward, uncomfortable dreams. i squirmed in my sleep.
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