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My prescription has changed to Efexor. Anyone been on this before?
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i haven't. how long had you been taking lexapro? did the doctor ween you off of lexapro, or was it ok to just switch to effexor? i'm just curious in case this happens to me. i've been paranoid about the "brain shivers" everyone speaks of when missing/quiting lexapro.
brain shivers? what do you mean?

i've quit cold turkey before. it makes you feel like shit, but nothing i'd call a brain shiver.
Just click this link. I was just as curious about "brain shivers" myself.
actually I weaned myself off 20mg lexapro/day onto 2 wellbutrin each morning for about a month until I tried Effexor for a day and now that I'm off the meds and done with college the stress is gone and so is the depression... I still have anxiety and worry way too much about everything but don't know that medication will help with that, it's just kind of a part of who I always have been and will probably always be.

When I got off the lexapro though I was seriously a space cadet and it was really strange, I did get the brain shivers just as described, PLUS wellbutrin made me feel like I'd been smoking some serious weed for some reason. I felt like I was high all the time plus would get random brain "zaps" about once a minute, all day long. It was like drugs seriously, illegal drugs, and I don't even do drugs! My only comparison is from years back when it was "cool" to smoke weed a couple of times, I'm over that by a long shot now.. I did finally get out of the lexapro withdrawal FINALLY about 3 weeks after I stopped taking it but it was one of the weirdest life experiences ever. Good luck <3
i go two days without lexapro, which started today and then take half a capsule of efexor for three days and then the full capsule which is 75mg after that.
My best friend takes it and feels like shit if she misses a dose. She said it's really strong.