girl next door. (unefillepetite) wrote in lexapro_dreams,
girl next door.

never what you wanted.

I just started taking Lexapro, and until this afternoon, I had trouble remembering my dreams. This afternoon I had at least three that I can remember vivid details from. I woke up from all three feeling nauseous and unsettled.

The first put me in the situation where I had a large pimple on the side of my face that hurt so badly the pain woke me up, and I still felt it.

The second put me in the situation where I confronted my boyfriend about a situation we're going through, and I compared him to the guilty party of a similar situation that he and I witnessed from last year. I woke up incredibly upset and worried from that drea.

The third put me again in a situation with my boyfriend where he described to me how he was getting ready to go and visit with another girl. All I can remember is that I sat, silently fuming and wanting to cry and lash out at him, telling him that it was all wrong. That it shouldn't be me that has to deal with this. But I sat silently, and ate applesauce. I woke up irritable.

Things are not well.
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