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I'm sorry if this is wrong for this community.. I just got a sample pack of lexapro, prescription in 2 wks.. and i'm really scared.  I don't get anxiety attacks, I'm not depressed or suicidal. I'm getting lexapro as a mood stabilizer. I am moody, I have mood swings, violent outbursts, I can't control my temper. I'm down on my life right now about college, friends, etc but I know things will get better eventually once I fix my shit.. Lexapro sounds like serious stuff and I don't know if it's what I need. But my social worker and the pyschiatrist have recommended it as just a general mood stablizer. I went on a message board where basically 20+ people were talking about how they gained 20-25lbs on it, getting off it was terrible, and lots of scary things. I can deal with some side affects, I mean I've taken some pills recreationally before, but those are not side effects I want to deal with. Any opinions? Any positive or negatives on Lexapro? Is everyone who is on it very anxious or very depressed? Do you wish you never went on it? Are you glad? Thanks <3
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